June 28th, 2011

Luffy Bomber

Zombie Dream + Zombie life.

Woah. It's been such a long time since I've posted on this site, but I didn't want to start a new blog or post it to my DA. So tada! Here I am.

Just sharing my dream last night, which was one of the most epic zombie dreams I've ever had.


It starts off with my family and I boarding a flight to Singapore. We weren’t really sure if we should go, but something didn’t feel right. It felt eerie and the air was musky. As we were flying away from the shores of Sydney, dark grey and purple clouds started forming into the sky. Green lightning bolts started blasting.

As we arrived in Singapore we are surprised to hear that there had been a worldwide zombie spread. The whole world was panicking and was losing to the zombie invasion.

We made our way to some embassy, and found ourselves hacking through the zombie crowd. For some reason, my family became some other people, and now I had a team of 5 heroes. One looked like Sky high, one was some big African American guy, and the other 3 I can’t remember.

As we came closer to the embassy, we found ourselves in an old large hall. Zombies came rushing towards us from the other entrance, but when they reached half way through the hall, they stopped. The zombies started merging into one big blog which then shaped itself into a 5 metre tall zombie wearing armour (similar to the one in Resident Evil: After Life). In response the 5 of us positioned ourselves in a line, Final Fantasy style. With our swords, we took turns charging towards the big zombie and slashing it until it was defeated.

Next thing I know, we’re at the embassy, and I see Clare (mis_v). She joins the team, and for some reason she had adopted a pet goat. This goat followed us around wherever we went.

We then had to head out to the country side to find someone. We drove out to this farm and as we arrived we saw a reinforced corrugated iron shed. For some reason we didn’t bother looking inside as we knew it was empty.

Next to the farm was a mountain. Peering up, I spotted a small cave entrance. We entered the cave to find the cave with furniture. A large crevice in a wall had been modified to become a bed, and sleeping in the dad was someone’s father. The father wakes up pointing a two barrel shotgun at us. We identifyied ourselves as humans, and he drops his weapon reluctantly. We gave him some food.

We began searching for more surviving humans to form an army.

But again we find ourselves escaping from another zombie attack. To our amazement, we find out the overmind of the zombie invasion is none other than Sarah Kerrigan (from Starcraft). We barely escaped the chase, and I think we lost two team members. One was killed, and another was captured. And even though we barely escaped, Kerrigan had the opportunity to plant a sunflower-like seed in someone’s bag. As we returned to base, the team member ate the seed, and it turned him instantly into a zombie. We had to kill him unfortunately.

At Kerrigan’s meeting room, my captured team member turns out to be my strategist. He was kept alive so he would be able to identify our plans and our current base location. I guess he succumbed to the torture, and revealed our location, because Kerrigan devised an idea to attack the base. Instead of swarming us from inside the building, she would build a 10 story tall wall of zombies, and use the weight of them to topple the building.

Kerrigan then summoned a surviving human and asked what he would like to be. A bag of fertilizer was then brought in, and suddenly she merged the human with a bag of fertilizer to become a fertilizer zombie.

Back at the embassy, Clare decided to go visit the costume room to find her battle outfit for the upcoming battle. She entered the costume room without switching on the lights. The suspense was crazy, as you had no idea whether there was a zombie lurking inside the dark.

Another team member visited the food storage room. The goat followed her inside and began munching on roseberry. She came back all excited, enthusiastically informing everyone what it liked to eat.

We were glad to hear that the goat had found its favourite food, but we were all about to start an important meeting to plan our next move. Before we begun, I had to go check the security of the room. There were 3 entrances into this room. I went around checking the security guards. Number 1 and 2 were fine. As I tapped the shoulder of the 3rd security guard, he turns around and reveals himself to be a recently transformed zombie. I had to kill him.

Securing the room, we rang some embassies around the world, and they were all in a dire situation. There were some embassies we couldn’t contact. It was quite apparent that it was lost.

With the situation at hand we came up with an evacuation plan. Moments before we were to enforce the plan, I decided to take a stroll by myself. Walking alongside the harbour shore and enjoying the scenery for the last time, I suddenly get a telepathic message. The telepathic message is from Sarah Kerrigan, but not the one the evil version of her. (For those who don’t know the background story to Kerrigan, she used to be a kind hearted human but was abandoned on a planet and captured by the Zerg. The zerg transformed her into one of them. Afterwards, she became the evil queen of the Zerg. Kerrigan had strong psychic abilities in order to control her minions)

Anyway, the locked up good side of Kerrigan had used her last amount of strength to contact me. She warned us that “if you want any chance of survival, you have to hit the weak parts of the zombie invasion” She showed me which zombies I had to distract even in order to create an opening for our escape. She also showed us what we could do to maximise damage on the zombie army.

Still sceptical of this telepathic message, I knew I had to make a decision. With time running out, I decided to trust her, and actioned out Kerrigan’s plan. We began moving the ships out from the harbour to distract the zombies. We also began firing at the zombies. I then woke up from my dream.

Oh I ever wished I could have stayed at home to continue this dream.


Ya.. that's it, please excuse me for my bad grammar where be. Seriously rush typed this all because I still have a million things to do.

Hmm. and with less than 3 weeks to SMASH, and I still haven't found any good fabric for my Suzaku plugsuit. *sigh*.. I've tried remnant warehouse and cabbra. Didn't bother with Spotlight or Lincraft, as I for some reason I believe they won't have any stock for it anyway. Going to try take some time off on Wednesday morning to go to the another warehouse. There's also this I guess http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MATTE-VINYL-PLEATHER-GOTHIC-FETISH-FABRIC-BLACK-WHITE-/220754668401?pt=US_Fabric&var=&hash=item791464eeb3 which is alright, but have no idea what it looks like in real life, and not willing to buy 6 metres worth just to try. And if I do ship it, it means I'll have to ship it from somewhere, which then I won't have the fabric in time for SMASH, or if I do, I'll have to rush sew everything.

So as a result, think I'll either make an easy costume or rewear my Syaoran outfit (that's if it's okay with my Sakura, Kurogane and Fai).. seriously, the outfit I made was the worst sewing job I've ever made. So ashamed. *NEED TO REDEEM*.

Plus I guess I shouldn't stress the weeks coming to SMASH. Should focus all my energies on planning as much as possible for SMASH photobooth so it'll run smoothly. Oh, and if you are a photographer, and reading this, and I haven't asked you to be photographer for it, it's not becaue I don't luv ya. I did consider you, but knowing how busy you would be on SMASH, I didn't think you would have time. Gomen.

Also in a few weeks, my home will become extended and rennovated...Yeaaah!!!... But it means I'll be needing the time to pack up and box things so we can put it into storage. Don't know if we'll fit everything. Aya.

Thirdly, my boss has put us in the situation to finish 12 projects in 2 weeks. F********K. This definitely means OT >_<

Ya.. that's my thoughts for the timebeing. I'm hoping I find the fabric to make my plugsuit pretty soon, so I can at least try to attempt to make it in time, but if I don't, I'm not going to stress about it anyway.

Anyhoos, wow.. if you've read through all this crap from me, you deserve a medal or something.